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Unique and creative landscape design and installation is our core business. We have superior plant knowledge and experience to help customers 

see their landscape ideas "grow". We take pride in giving each customer individual attention. We spend time and give care to each and every project. Input such a photographs, measurements, and homeowner ideas help in the landscape creation.

Once the design is finished, we present the design to the customer at our office and nursery. It is presented a 2D ‘birds eye' view, along with either a 3D visual printout to help the customer visualize the look, or with a selection of the plants displayed together in the nursery.

Landscape Installation

Being a family owned and operated company, you can be assured that our installation crew has extensive experience, and the mind set of providing the customer with quality work. Jim, the owner, is on every job. His standard for quality and eye for attention to detail sets Woodville Road Nursery apart from the competition.


Our hydroseeder is the best type of machine available on the market today. It utilizes and mechanical agitation which thoroughly mixes the material, and allows the use of wood fiber as a mulch cover, vs. cheaper, lesser quality ‘jet' agitated machines that cannot properly mix the material and is not able to handle wood fiber. When considering hydroseeding, ask how the machine works!


Final grading and seeding is another our services. We have graded and seeded hundreds of yards and have the right equipment and experience to work the soil and ensure proper slopes for water runoff. Seeding can be accomplished through Hydroseeding or we can much with shredded straw. Ask us about the different applications and which process will be appropriate for your yard. 


We have reasonable delivery rates on all products we sell. Just let us know, when you need your material. We’ve been known to deliver products at all times to meet our customers’ schedule.  We are proud of timely deliveries using professional trucks and experienced drivers.

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5819 Woodville Rd, Northwood, Ohio, 43619, United States
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